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A look at: The kitchen

The first section of our house that I’m going to share with you, is the kitchen. Not because it’s my favourite room in the house (not even close…the less time I have to spend here, the better) but because this is the room that had the least work to be done and was ‘finished’ first.

Before we go any further, I have to explain: We are now living in Tsumeb in northern Namibia, which is about 430km from Windhoek. In Tsumeb (or anywhere close by), there are no big home decor or furniture shops. Your best bet is Windhoek, but our trips to Windhoek are far and few in between and 90% of the time that we go to Windhoek, we don’t get to everything on our to do list. I’ll probably complain about the lack of variety and convenience we have in and around Tsumeb for a few more months 😉

Okay, so back to the kitchen: I didn’t do much DIY in the kitchen – I absolutely love the big, airy and light space. The only thing that bothered me about the kitchen, was the corner below. The area was also already quite dark, so I wanted to keep things light and clean. Here is the before picture.

our kitchen before

I’m the type of person that don’t like things standing around – so I most definitely didn’t want to display glassware on this shelf. Our previous house in Otjiwarongo had open cupboards (similar to this shelf) and it was a nightmare to keep everything clean.

I tried to find inspiration on Pinterest that didn’t involve just random pots, pans, glassware, etc stacked or displayed. I knew I wanted something clean, sleek and minimalistic for this corner – but still something that fills up the space as it’s quite big.

I ended up seeing white photo frames of different sizes in Mr Price Home in Windhoek, and I decided to stack black and white photos of our dogs on the shelf. Here is the end result:

photo frames in kitchen memory corner

kitchen decor photo frames shelve idea

The rest of the decor that you see on the shelf I either had, or bought at Pep Home. We’re lucky to have a very, very nice Pep Home in Tsumeb and I always find the best gems there! All of the little bunnies on this shelf was bought at Pep Home, as well as the candle holders and white vase.

black and white photos white frames decor

rabbits decor kitchen white

There are two islands / working stations – the one is my main work area as it’s close to the stove and the other one has a little washing area. There is quite a bit of counter top space, but as I said – I don’t really like things just standing around. So to break up the big empty space on one of the counter tops, I did this:

kitchen decor details white silver neutral
So, to show you the bigger picture here is the view of the kitchen from the corner:

white and silver kitchen neutral

And here is a look back from the other side:

white neutral colors kitchen

We also now have a massive lemon tree in our front yard that we harvest from fairly often. We’ve given away sooo many bags of lemons and I’ve tried my hand at making lemon marmelade too. Perhaps I’ll share that recipe in an upcoming post. The first try came out delicious, but the second try (when I made a bigger batch) wasn’t that successful. It still tastes good though 🙂

fruit as kitchen decor lemons

So that, in short, is our kitchen. I’m not sure which room I’m going to share with you next. I’ve done quite a bit of work on our bedroom, but it’s far from done yet. Mostly because I can’t find the type of carpet that I want and one, key decor item. That’s small town living for ya! 😉 Anyway, I hope you enjoyed this post. I’d love to hear what you think!

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  1. Wendy -

    I love it! The pictures are such a different decor item to see in the kitchen.
    I’m envious of the big space and that Tsumeb has a Pep Home with bunnies!!

  2. Rene -

    Love dit Carla!

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