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New beginnings

The New Year kicked off with a bang and if this week is anything to go by, 2015 is going to be great! I wanted to ‘take it easy’ the first week back at work, but alas – that plan didn’t work out. I signed four new projects since December, so it’s full steam ahead. I can’t really complain, when you work for yourself more work = more money and believe me, after I’ve seen the quotes to move to Namibia (the one quote we received from a moving company was R59k!) we’re going to need as much money in our ‘moving fund’ as possible.

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I used to make New Year’s resolutions and it’s normally along the lines of get fit, lose weight, read more blah blah blah. By week 3 of January I’m back to my usual routine and eating habits and the New Year’s resolutions are long forgotten.

This year I’m approaching things a little bit differently. I’m still setting goals, but the mantra that I’m going to try and follow this year is ‘be kind to yourself.’ This mantra can be applied to all aspects of life, for instance – at work, try to keep a healthy balance and don’t take on more than you can manage. Health-wise, look after yourself and do what’s best for your body. For me that means move more, eat less carbs and sugar and definitely drink less wine and beer. Being kind to yourself also means treating yourself to the things you like / like to do, so I’m going to try and read more and do more creative projects. I spent hours on Pinterest during the holiday so all I need to do now is make some of those DIY projects a reality 🙂 Did you set New Year’s resolutions or goals for 2015? I’d love to hear what they are.

striped dress casual outfit idea

What I’m wearing: Sunglasses from Aldo / Watch from Calvin Klein / Dress from Edgars / Bag from China Town / Shoes from Mr Price

I picked up this dress from Edgars a couple of months ago and I love the slit. The dress also has leatherette detail around the neck that adds a little bit of an edgy touch to an otherwise casual day dress. If I had to describe this look using Skip’s #ThreeWordWardrobe rule it would be monochrome, sexy, casual.

The only reason why I can wear this dress after indulging in waayyy too much food over the holiday is because of my trusty pair of Spanx. I love that Spanx is now available in South Africa too – trust me, none of the other shape wear comes close to what Spanx can do. Those brands that say they’re seamless and then you still end up with a visible seam line in an awkward place? Ja, not cool. With Spanx there’s no line – and the material has next level control (seriously!) to hide away any and all bulges. Magic! What do you think of this look? Let me know, I’d love to hear from you 🙂

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