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Hiding scars and redness with makeup

I’ve been struggling with (very) red cheeks for years now, and I endured quite a bit of teasing at school thanks to my rosy cheeks. Luckily I discovered the power of makeup and concealer, so these days you won’t even notice this insecurity because I hide it so well (I think…) I filmed the video below quite early in the morning so my cheeks are not that flushed and red yet, but as soon as I get busy or it gets too hot or I exercise – I go bright red. Not cute.

Earlier this week I posted a photo on StyleDiary’s fan page showing the products I use to cover up marks and redness on my face. There were a few questions, so I made a quick video to show exactly how I mix and apply the concealer and foundation for the best results. I’ve experimented with a number of different products and application techniques, and I finally found what works best for me.

how to hide scars blemishes redness on face

In this video I do my makeup like I would do it on any ‘normal’ day, in other words a day with no special event or meetings – for these I like to dress up a bit more. I prefer a very natural every-day look, so I keep things simple. It takes me about 10 minutes in the morning to ‘put on my face’ – and the difference that the makeup does to my confidence is worth those extra 10 minutes. So, here goes 🙂

If you have any questions, chat to me in the comments.

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