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Cancer is a very scary illness. I’ve lost friends and family to cancer and I’ve got friends and family fighting cancer – it’s a tough illness. I’m pretty paranoid when it comes to my health. A massive bruise once appeared on my shin for now reason (the size of a cricket ball!) and the next day I went for blood tests to make sure everything is okay. Luckily it was. I’m much rather safe than sorry – if cancer is caught early it can be treated quite successfully.

August is Women’s Month, and the #CheckYourSelfieZA campaign encourages women to do a quick breast examination at home (here’s how to do it). Get others to do the same by uploading a pic of your bra and a message of encouragement on social media with the #CheckYourSelfieZA hash tag. As women we should be doing these self-examinations on a regular basis but most of us don’t. Take part in this breast cancer awareness campaign and help spread the word. Here’s my picture, now go ahead and post yours!

CheckYourSelfieZA campaign

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