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Results of slimming treatments with Tosca Tygervalley

You may have noticed that the blog posts on StyleDiary has been far and few in between the last few weeks – work is insane at the moment. Only one more week of this madness then it’s holiday time!

A while ago I blogged about starting my ‘Operation Bikini Ready’ project with Tosca in Tygervalley. I have been receiving messages on Facebook and comments on the blog asking about the slimming treatments’ results, so here goes 🙂

Firstly, I am  not going to post before and after pictures, I don’t think I’m quite ready to share so much of myself with the world… In terms of results, I did lose centimetres around my tummy specifically. Initially I was going to do 12 treatments, but work is just a little bit too hectic to finish all 12 treatments, so I ended up doing only 8 slimming sessions. For this reason, if I ever decide to do these slimming treatments again, I will do them at the beginning of the year. Don’t most women have New Year resolutions of losing weight / toning up? 😉 These slimming treatments will be perfect at the beginning of the year. Also, next time I’ll do 3 treatments per week instead of only 2.

I definitely think I would have had even better results if I stuck to my healthy eating and training programme. Again, being the end of the year there are just too many parties, functions, lunches and dinners in the mix (and I can’t say no to wine, chocolate or cake!) and I find it difficult to stick to clean eating and regular exercise. My non-existent willpower is one of the reasons why ‘losing weight’ is always on my New Year’s resolution list.

For about two weeks during the period that I was doing the slimming treatments, I was running almost every day and doing strength training (alongside pole dancing twice a week). I also managed to eat well 80% of the time, and it’s during this time that I saw the best results. I also drank a lot of water – which is very important for the success of these treatments to work.

vacuum massage slimming treatment

The slimming machine in action

In case you don’t know how the slimming treatments are done, read my first post by clicking this link. All in all, I’m very happy with the outcome of the treatments and I am considering doing some treatments again next year to kickstart that New Year’s resolution.

Tosca salon is a hair and beauty salon with branches in Tygervalley, Table View and Paarl. Take a look at their Facebook page and visit their website to learn more about what they do. If you have any questions about the slimming treatments, chat to me in the comments.

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