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The best self tanner {beauty tips}

Summer is around the corner and Cape Town has spoiled us with a couple of warmer days already. I’ve also started doing dance classes so these days I wear shorts to class about twice a week. My legs are SUPER WHITE so I decided to see what a difference self tanning will make on my pasty white skin. I always get asked by readers and friends ‘what is the best self tanner to use?’ so I decided to self tan only one leg with my favourite self tanner to show you guys the results, and voila – here it is below.

Self tan results – before and after photos

self tanner review best self tanning

My leg on the left has been tanned

self tanner before and after best

Quite a noticeable difference…the leg on the right has been tanned

I only applied one layer of self tanner, and I prefer to use St Tropez’s dark bronzing mousse. For me, this is the best self tanning mousse on the market and even though it’s a bit more expensive compared to other brands – it’s definitely worth the money. I’ve only bought one bottle and it’s lasted me a full summer (and it still feels quite full). Plus, I self tan quite often in summer. I’ve blogged about the application process here – you can also see more pics of my skin colour after using the self tanner in this post.

Referring to the photos above, I think the difference is quite noticeable and my friends think so too. The colour change is not drastic so you don’t appear orange – it just gives you a healthy glow. Last summer, when my skin was already tanned by the sun, I would add two layers of the self tanner for a more dramatic effect. I won’t do this on my pasty white skin though, I don’t want to look like a big, walking lemon 😉

Pardon the bruises on my legs, this is what pole dancing will do to you! I was so chuffed, I did my first pole stand in the class the day before and the next morning I had the bruises as evidence. I’m hoping my skin gets use to the pole before summer because I want to wear shorts!

Anyway, back to the real topic at hand – searching for the best self tanner. What self tanning brand do you prefer? Chat to me in the comments.

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