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Starting a fashion blog {blogging tips part 2}

If you’ve read part one of this fashion blogging tips series, you would now by know for what reasons you want to start a blog, what platform you’re going to use to run your blog on and how you’re going to utilise your social media profiles.

In this post we’re going to discuss how you’re going to decide what content to post on your blog. There are MANY topics that you can blog about, but I suggest narrowing it down to something that you’re passionate about.



Some of the most-read posts on StyleDiary are the things that I’m interested in, or posts that I wrote after I found a solution to a problem I had. The challenge is to come up with a content strategy for your blog. What I’ve starting doing over the last couple of months is planning the content for StyleDiary up to one month ahead. I don’t always stick to the blogging schedule, but I try my best. Once you have made a list of the potential topics you’d like to cover on your blog, you’ll have to decide how often you’re going to blog. Twice a week? Three times a week? Every day? It really is up to you and how much time you have to spend on your blog.

Another thing that will play an important role in the success of your blog, is good quality pictures. Now I have to admit that with this section I’m not quite there yet. Beautiful photos can make such a big difference to the look and feel of your blog – and you can get really creative with outfit post photos for instance. Just browse through LookBook to see HOW many different settings and poses there are that you can incorporate. We are going to talk more in part 3 of the fashion blogging tips series about good quality photos.


Post each blog post that you write to your social media profiles, but don’t do only that. Make sure that you’re engaging and interactive on your social media profiles so that people would want to follow you. Don’t just use your social media profiles as a way to syndicate your blog’s content. It may take a while for you to build up a following and loyal readers, but with persistence you will get there. StyleDiary has been going for about 3 years now, and only in the last year / year and a half have I seen an increase in return visitors. Don’t give up 🙂

In the next post, I’m going to talk more about quality photos and the setting for your photos. Don’t forget to read part 1 of the fashion blogging tips series and keep an eye on the blog tomorrow for part 3.

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