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Organise your jewellery and accessories

I love jewellery and accessories and I’ve talked about how accessories can really make or break an outfit before. My jewellery box was a mess to say the least, I could never find what I was looking for and I ended up wearing the same earrings and rings over and over again. I was wondering how I could organise my jewellery and accessories and I’ve been looking on Pinterest for some ideas, but I just didn’t see any ideas that I liked.

jewellery messy before

The before…not pretty, I know

Then I saw this nifty jewellery and accessories stand at Woman’s Secret for only R99 and I knew it was the perfect solution to my problem! They had a few different shapes and sizes and I liked this one as it had loads of space for earrings. Just-just enough for my collection it seems 😉

organising jewellery how to

After…so much better!

I stacked my rings on top of the jewellery organiser and now I can see most of my accessories in one go! It’s like I discovered a whole new wardrobe – it’s fun to accessorize and play around with different items to complete an outfit 🙂

how to organise jewellery

Making the most of the space available

Do you have any clever ideas for organising your jewellery and accessories? I’m still looking for a nifty way to store my scarves. At the moment it’s all folded but it’s so difficult to keep it neat! Chat to me in the comments if you have any ideas or tips, I’d love to hear them 🙂

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