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Low kilojoule alcoholic drinks

After a chat with some of my girlfriends over the weekend about the best drinks and cocktails to order while you’re out, I decided to do some research. I am a red wine kinda girl, especially in winter. In summer I like an ice-cold Savannah Dry and a glass (or two) of wooded white wine. I know that especially Savannah is really fattening but it’s soooo good and refreshing on a hot day. I did some research on low calorie alcoholic drinks and here are my findings.



White wine is definitely a better option than a cider or a beer. Add loads of ice or order it as a spritzer to cut kilojoules even further. Red wine on the other hand is a better choice than white wine as it has more nutritional value. And it goes better with dark chocolate 😉

drinks at harbour house in waterfront

Red wine in the sun


If you want to have a beer, why not try Castle Light or perhaps even a Savannah Dry? If you can, I think it’s best to avoid beers and ciders – especially if you want to lose some weight. If you are at your goal or happy weight, one or two ciders over a weekend won’t kill you.


A Bloody Mary is always a good choice and the tomato juice is nutritional two – so this is basically a two birds with one stone kinda situation 😉 Margarita is apparently another safe choice. Made with tequila it is one of my favourite cocktails followed by a Pina Colada – but apparently a Pina Colada is very high in kilojoules. Eeeek…bye bye Pina Coladas, hello Margaritas!


I don’t really drink vodka / whiskey / brandy so I’m definitely not the expert on the best way to drink / mix these spirits. I does however make sense that it’s always better to mix your spirit of choice with plain water or even soda water – and stick to single shots.

That’s it – I think I’m on the right track with my preference for red wine during winter and in summer I think I will add some ice to my white wine to create the illusion of a full glass. I guess it’s the same thing as the advice of eating from a small plate to trick your mind into thinking that you are eating a big meal. I hope this post helped you to decide what drinks you’re going to order from now on while you’re out and about – and always remember to be safe, don’t drink and drive! Enjoy peeps 🙂

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