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My favourite quick and easy updo {hair tutorial}

Earlier this week one of my outfit posts featured this updo and on that same evening, we attended a birthday dinner. The girls loved the updo and asked for a step by step tutorial with photos…so tada – here it is 🙂 Like I said in the outfit post, this up style is my favourite go-to hairstyle when I don’t have time in the mornings or I’m just not in the mood to straighten my hair.


The only two things you will need for this hairstyle are bobby pins and an elastic hair band. Start off with your hair brushed out.

long dark brown hair


Part one section of your hair to the side and starting at the top, twist your hair upwards. As you twist, add in more sections of your hair until you reach the back of your head. Secure the twisted roll with a bobby pin and move to the other side.

step by step hair tutorial easy updo

Twisting the hair into the roll

Do the exact same thing on the other side – twist the hair in a roll starting from the front working your way towards the back of your head. Secure the roll with a bobby pin.

easy step by step hair tutorial

Do the same with the other side

With the two rolls on the side of your head secured with a bobby pin each, loosely braid your hair. Do not worry about creating a neat braid.

updo hair tutorial

Braid your hair loosely

Secure the end of the braid with an elastic hair band, and then roll up the braid to create a bun. Secure the braid with bobby pins and if needed, add more pins to the rolled hair to keep it secure.

step by step hair tutorial updo

Roll the hair up

Pin away any stray ends and finish the look with hairspray.

easy diy updo hairstyle tutorial

The finished look

It’s as easy as that! What do you think – do you like it? Give it a try and post your version of the hairstyle on the StyleDiary fan page, I’d love to try out other variations of this updo. If any of the steps are unclear, let me know in the comments 🙂

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