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My fashion inspiration for winter 2013

I spent some time at Canal Walk yesterday and there are so many gorgeous items in store. Beautiful skinny jeans and knits at Woolworths, nice tops at Edgars and I saw the most divine cobalt blue wool coat at Jenni Button. I haven’t started my winter wardrobe shopping yet (it’s taking a LOAD of self control!) but I have been looking at what’s available. During the next week or two I’m going to unpack and wash all my winter clothes and do a ‘stock take.’ After that, I’ll decide what I’m going to splurge on (I already know I’m buying flat leather boots and a decent coat this winter) and what items I’ll buy at Mr Price and other relatively ‘cheap’ stores – items that are trendy and not investment pieces.


But before I get to the unpacking, washing and wardrobe planning stage I had to do some research on outfit ideas. I have a specific style that I stick to (skinny jeans, blazer, scarf, boots) and it can get a bit boring. This winter I want to mix things up a bit and here are some of the outfits that I like. Hopefully you can get some outfit inspiration too 🙂 (If you’d like to see more of my blog posts on my top fashion trends for winter 2013, where to shop and how to wear, click here.)

victoria beckham winter 2013 fashion inspiration

It’s no secret that I admire Victoria Beckham’s style. This outfit I like because it’s very casual chic and so easy to put together with items you already have in your wardrobe. Key ingredients? Skinny jeans, heels, comfy top, sunnies and an oversized bag.

Image source

victoria beckham winter fashion trends 2013

Here is another variation of the outfit above. I like the silhouette of the outfit – this for me is a perfect weekend outfit.

Image source

kim kardashian winter fashion inspiration 2013

Another great weekend outfit or something to wear to dinner with friends, this time by Kim Kardashian. To dress up this look, add heels.

Image source

kim kardashian winter trends 2013

Here Kim Kardashian pulls off office chic perfectly. I love the neutral palette and the high waisted pants. All round chic!

Image source

Alessandra Ambrosio winter fashion 2013 trends

Another great weekend outfit, this one is so easy and laid back.

Image source

blake lively winter style fashion

Blake Lively pulls of the jacket / scarf combo perfectly. I love wearing a scarf in winter and it’s a great way to accessorize and outfit.

Image source

olivia wilde winter fashion trends 2013

THAT COAT. I want!!

Image source

gwen stefani winter fashion trends 2013

All black doesn’t have to be dull. I love Gwen Stefani’s coat, and how she brightened up her outfit with a colourful bag.

Image source

kate beckinsale winter fashion trends 2013

I have a white coat and I love how Kate Beckinsale pulled off this evening look.

Image source

victoria beckham fashion winter 2013 trends

Another Victoria Beckham outfit idea. How great are those cropped trousers? And the coat! Longer length coats are in again…yay!

Image source

victoria beckham white coat winter

I saw a pattern for this Donna Karren coat and I’m seriously considering making it. Not that I can sew but hey, with Google and YouTube you can do just about anything 😉

Image source

mary kate olsen winter fashion 2013

The stripes, the silhouette, the boots. I love all of it. She needs to put on some weight though.

Image source

If I can offer my two cents on this winter’s trends – here it is:

  • Pointy heels are back. I want to kick myself for throwing out all my pointy heels when it ‘went out of fashion.’ From now on, I’m keeping everything! 😉
  • Invest in decent quality boots. I started buying genuine leather boots last season and I hope they will last me a lifetime. If you can wait until the end of winter you will pick them up on sale at a fraction of the price they’re now.
  • Ackermans is one franchise retailer that makes great winter coats. Not the best quality but for a few hundred Rand you can’t expect a wool coat. I’ve bought a few nice coats from them over the years, and I’ll definitely pop by their store once I start my shopping.
  • Invest in accessories like scarfs and hats – this will help you to mix and match and add a unique element to each outfit. Bags are a good investment too 🙂

I am so excited for winter. Not only the shopping and the planning of a wardrobe but also everything that the new season will bring. We’re getting a new puppy, a close friend and her husband is expecting their baby boy in June and business-wise the next three months are going to be challenging. It’s a good thing that I’d be able to shop to relief some of the stress so I say bring it on! 😉 If you’d like to see more of my blog posts on my top fashion trends for winter 2013, where to shop and how to wear, click here.

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