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{Weekend photo wrap up}

Less than two weeks until our wedding day and one more weekend in Cape Town for me before I head to my home town to get everything ready for the wedding. The past weekend involved many friends, red wine, kids and presents. The amount of wine I consumed may or may not have been related to the number of kids running at any given time…if I was even slightly broody before, I’m cured. Having a child is a full-time job – one that I’m not ready for yet. I love kids but what I love even more is that I can give them back to the parents once they start crying / want something / have a dirty nappy.

pet rabbit and mac computer

Tequila wondering why on earth I’m still working late on a Friday afternoon

the besties

A quick “I’m popping in a for a glass of wine” visit from the bestie after work on Friday turned into an awesome kuier. Sometimes these random, unexpected evenings are the best.

nina's birthday party

The adorable Nina turned two and we celebrated her birthday on Saturday with a sheep themed party. Trés cute!

nate turns one

Nate turned one and on Sunday he had such a great time at his party. He enjoyed the cake so much! Too precious.

Have a kick ass week peeps! I have a to do list as long as my arm so I better get cracking 🙂

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