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Jet’s 2013 winter clothing range

Last week Jet launched their winter clothing range in Johannesburg and unfortunately I couldn’t attend – a day trip to Johannesburg on top of work and wedding planning was a bit too much. I heard great things about their winter clothes from those that attended, so I asked Jet to send me some photos. Here are a few of my favourite looks from the photos they sent me.

jet winter clothes red wedges shoes

Those red wedges are so pretty, I want them!

jet winter clothes 2013 range

The final line up…those red wedge boots are gorgeous too

jet winter clothes 2013 south african fashion

Is that red leatherish pants that I see?!

jet winter clothes 2013 floral jacket

Love the floral jacket

I have always loved Jet – being a bit taller than “normal” people I struggle to find longer length pants. Over the years I’ve found a few pairs of formal pants and jeans at Jet, so I’m in there quite often. I’m excited about their winter range and I’m definitely going to pop by once we’re back from honeymoon. I think my new project needs to be “putting together the perfect winter wardrobe.” It sounds like fun don’t you think? Plus I’ll need something to keep me busy once all the wedding planning is done!

So, what do you think about Jet’s new winter clothes? Did you see anything that you liked? Chat to me in the comments.

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