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What to do on Valentine’s Day: Alternative and creative ideas

Valentine’s Day is three days away and among my friends, some LOVE the idea and concept of Valentine’s Day while others think it’s a stupid, moneymaking scheme. I’m somewhere in between. I like receiving flowers and going out for a romantic dinner but I don’t think these acts have to happen on one day of the year specifically. I believe in spreading the love throughout the year 😉

If you’re not sure what you’re going to do on Valentine’s Day this year, here are some alternative and creative ideas. If you’re single, there are some ideas for you too so read on.

giving back

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Valentine’s Day is about love and also about feeling treasured and wanted, so why not make a difference in someone’s life and give something back? Instead of going out for a meal or spending money on a gift, consider these options:

  • Donate the money you would have spent to an orphanage or homeless shelter
  • Buy chocolates or (other sweets) and drop it off at an orphanage – you’ll make the childrens’day
  • Brighten up your local old age home or hospital with flowers for their reception or lunch room


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Why not spend Valentine’s Day outside? Seeing that Valentine’s Day falls on a Thursday this year, most people will be celebrating in the evening. Instead of going out for dinner, pack a picnic basket and enjoy it on the beach / in a park / on top of a mountain. You can buy snacks and fresh fruit at Woolworths and for R200 to R250 you can mix and match to put together a nice picnic basket. Add a blanket, some cushions and candles and you’re all set for a romantic picnic dinner.

buy pot plants

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Yes, you read right. Over Valentine’s Day the price of freshly cut flowers increase drastically and to be honest, spending a lot of money on a bunch of flowers that is only going to last for a week (if that long) is a waste. If you do want to buy flowers, why not buy a pot plant? Potted lilies is a good option – they look very pretty and once they’ve bloomed you can replant the lilies in the garden and enjoy them the next time they bloom. The perfect gift that keeps on giving.


Instead of going out to a restaurant, prepare dinner at home. Yes, you’ll have to do your own dishes but you’ll get to prepare a lovely meal with your partner. You can even try a new recipe or if you’d like to get really creative, prepare a three course meal. Don’t forget to open a bottle of wine while preparing dinner. Go all out with setting the table – take out your best crockery, set the mood with candles and enjoy the meal you created together. Let the dirty dishes stand over until the next day, rather spend your time after the meal wisely 😉


If trying out a new recipe at home (or even preparing a meal for that matter) sounds like too much of a challenge, consider taking a cooking class. You’ll have to do some research to find a cooking school in your area. Don’t forget about sushi making classes, they’re easy and fun.


If Valentine’s Day is not really your thing – consider inviting your single friends over for a dinner party. For many single people Valentine’s Day is a big deal – remember how I said earlier that for most people the day is about feeling loved and treasured? Spread the love and spend quality time with your single friends. Who knows, Cupid may even work his magic and some of your friends may ‘click!’ Don’t play matchmaker though.

We are celebrating Valentine’s Day two days early as my fiance is going away for a week or two so I’ve planned a nice, romantic home-made meal for tomorrow evening. These are just some of my ideas – do you have anything else planned that you think is creative or something different fom the usual V-Day celebrations? Let me know in the comments. 🙂

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