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Things I love

Many people write down on a daily basis what they are grateful for as a way to document all the good things in their life. I’ve decided to start doing a weekly post on things I appreciate / love at the moment / am grateful for. To kick off the first post, here are a few things that I currently adore.


My fiancĂ© is the one with the green fingers and our garden is his pride. It really is gorgeous – he’s got quite a nice vegetable garden going and we often make salads from the veggies we pick or use some of the herbs in meals. One of my New Year’s “resolutions” this year is that there will always be fresh flowers in our house and so far, so good. This week I have three different bunches of flowers in my home – the one I bought, one from a friend and a pot plant that was a gift from my Mom.


Flowers from a friend

potted lilies

Potted lilies…a gift from my Mom


I love coffee..maybe a bit too much. Over the last few months I’ve learned to drink my coffee with no sugar and only a little bit of milk and to be honest, it’s much nicer this way.


Instant coffee I know.. but over the last few weeks I’ve been drinking a lot of coffee


I’m yet to find the perfect cream for my face – nothing seems to work well. I did some research a while ago about natural solutions and came across a few articles that recommended olive oil. I have some scars on my face so I decided to start using Bio Oil.

bio oil

I’ve been using this on my face twice a day and the difference to my skin is definitely noticeable. My skin’s not perfect yet, but we’re getting there!


While my Mom was here last week we did quite a bit of shopping and admin stuff for the wedding. I bought a whole bunch of new makeup, including this eyeshadow palette. The great thing about Inglot is that you can mix and match to create your own palette so all the colours in there is what you love.

inglot makeup

Gorgeous palette of colours from Inglot…this is my wedding makeup

That’s it from my side – is there anything in this post that you also love? Let me know in the comments! If there’s anything else that you love and that you think I should give a try, post it below 🙂

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