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Things I love

Another week has gone by and it’s time for another “Things I Love” post. The days feel like they are going by so fast, I almost forgot that it was time for another one of these posts. Here is what I am particularly grateful for / love this week.


my girlfriends

Special friends

I’ve mentioned my bachelorette party yesterday and I’m still going to do a proper post on it, but my bridesmaids and my girlfriends deserve a special mention for spoiling me rotten. Andrea, Candice and Jacoline organised an incredible event and the ladies that attended showered me with gifts, love and laughter. My heart is happy and I’m feeling very blessed πŸ™‚


Today Cape Town is giving us a little reminder of what winter is like. As I’m typing this post I’m wrapped up in the fluffiest blanket I own and drinking coffee. I have to buy another one of these blankets, Pieter and I have to share it when we watch a movie on the couch and I’m not always happy to share this amazing fluffiness.


domestic goddess

Some of my creations from the kitchen

I have rediscovered my love for baking and cooking and over the last few weeks I’ve tried out a few new recipes. There are some more that I still have to blog about, specifically a thrown-together chicken curry that I made a week or two ago. So delicious and spicy! This afternoon I’m going to bake a flourless chocolate cake for a friend’s birthday tomorrow. I found a great recipe and can’t wait to get started (and taste it!).


zara dress

I love the shape of this dress

I actually wanted to save this gorgeous Zara dress for the dinner we’re having the evening before our wedding with all our friends and family. When my bridesmaids told me last Friday evening that my bachelorette party was the next day I decided it was a good enough excuse to debut this dress. I love everything about it – the material, the cut, the colour…as someone said: it really is the perfect bride-to-be dress.

What event / item / people / food do you love this week? Let me know in the comments πŸ™‚

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