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Wedding outfit planning

With just over two months to go until our wedding, I’m doing surprisingly little in terms of organising and planning. The RSVPs are coming in and all the suppliers have been booked, so now most of my time is spent thinking about accessories for my wedding dress and outfits for the days before and after the wedding.


Yip, that’s me

Our wedding is a whole weekend thing, with a dinner the Friday evening  before the wedding and a brunch the Sunday after the wedding. My wedding dress will arrive in a week or two and I’ve decided to wait until the dress is here before I start shopping for shoes and accessories. I didn’t see or try on the dress before I ordered and I’m very excited to see what it looks like in “real life.” I have been Googling brides that wore the same dress and there are surprisingly few that I can find. So for now wedding hair, accessories and shoes have been moved down on my to do list.

I have been spending quite a bit of time on the online shops of Mr Price, 36Boutiques, Zando and Diligo Online looking for dresses and accessories for the Friday evening and Sunday morning. Lately I’ve been very slack about going to shops, it’s such a mission. Online shopping FTW! Here are a few items that I have seen so far that has caught my eye.

vintage lace dress low cut back

I quite like the low cut back of this dress from Jorge as well as the lace. It is a bit on the short side though, I may be 26 but my Dad will still send me back to change if I decide to wear such a short dress where he’s present 😉

red boobtube dress with chunky necklace

This red dress from Mr Price with a statement necklace is another consideration – our wedding colours are red and purple so it may be fitting to wear a red dress for one of the occasions.

black dress with interesting back detail

I like the detail on the back of this black dress but black is so boring. Right?

I am still looking for outfits so expect more posts on the same topic 😉 I’m also looking for bikinis and kaftans for our honeymoon (we’re going to an AWESOME destination!!) so while I am going to spend a lot of time online shopping I may just as well use that time wisely and blog about the items that I see. At least then I can call it ‘productive’…

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