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Nail polish of the week

I have so many nail polish colours that I’ve started to match my manicure colours with my outfit. My favourite nail polish colours are from Revlon and Essie and to be honest, I don’t really bother with “the latest nail polish trends.” I wear what I like and what I feel comfortable with. Mint green / baby blue / yellow manicures? They’re not for me.

nail polish colours trends

Last week I wore three different nail polish colours – gold, red and burnt orange. I prefer Revlon and Essie’s nail polish – they’re quick drying and both brands have great colours in their ranges. One of my top nail polish tips is to ALWAYS wear a clear base coat to prevent your nails from staining. When I know I’m going to wear a colour for only a day or two, I don’t bother with a top coat. I like to play around with nail art and now that I have a bit more time (things are slowing down at work) I’m definitely going to try out some new styles. I’ll keep you posted! 🙂

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