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Curl your hair with no heat

I discovered an easy way to curl your hair with little effort and no heat… so no more curling irons or straighteners, if you have a little bit more time in the morning / before an event you can curl your hair with no heat. The technique is quite simple, you wash and rough dry your hair and apply mousse or a holding product of your choice. Then “roll up” pieces / sections of hair and pin it down with bobby pins.

curl hair no heat

My hair rolled and pinned up with bobby pins

The longer you leave your hair pinned up, the tighter your curls will be (and stay). My hair was fairly dry so I left my hair pinned up for only half an hour. If your hair is still very damp, you’ll need to keep the bobby pins in longer. When you remove the bobby pins, start at the bottom of your head and work your way up. Once all the bobby pins are removed, spray your curls with hair spray. If the curls are too tight for your liking, shake them out a bit.

curls waves no heat

The final result

This is definitely an easy and less damaging way of curling your hair. As I mentioned, the curls are quite loose so if you prefer a tighter curl (or need your curls to last long) curling with an iron is a better option.

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