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Getting the hang of curling with a straightener

I’m finally getting the hang of curling my hair with my Cloud Nine hair straightener. The more I practice, the better the curls are looking! I curled my hair over the weekend for brunch with a friend and took some photos.

curls with straightener

A back shot of the curls, in this picture they’re still very fresh and not shaken out / loosen up a bit.

curls with straightener diy
More curls – love it!

When I researched straighteners and flat irons, I decided to buy a Cloud Nine straightener instead of a ghd. My hair stylist use a Cloud Nine (she switched after years of using a ghd) and she believes the Cloud Nine straighteners are the best there is. She’s the expert so who am I to argue? 😉

I’ve done a post before on how to curl hair extensions with a straightener (back then I still had a cheapie from Clicks) – if you’re interested in the steps and technique you can read the full post here. The biggest thing you have to master is the angle at which you put the straightener in and when you bring it down to release the curl. Practice makes perfect so if you don’t get the hang of it the first time, don’t worry. It took me about 4 or 5 times before I got to finally make nice, bouncy curls.

PS: In this post I’m not wearing my extensions – my hair is so long now that I rarely wear the extensions. They’re still one of my favourite beauty buys though.

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