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My experience with the Paleo diet

Before I go into my experience with the Paleo diet so far, I need to give you a bit of background information. For a while now two things have been bugging me, and for convenience sake I kinda swept them to the back of my head – 1) our wedding is getting closer by the day and 2) I am slowly but surely picking up more and more weight (thanks to pure laziness). Last week Monday there were 130 days (or 18 weeks) left until our wedding day, and even though I know my food weaknesses (they include bread / cheese / white wine / Savannah) are responsible for my weight gain I just couldn’t seem to get myself to follow a healthy diet consistently. There were just too many temptations and events where it was just so easy to eat unhealthy.

In 2006 I weighed about the same as I weigh now – almost 73kg (this was my weight when I started following the Paleo lifestyle last week Monday, 19 November 2012). I used to be in the range of 57 kg – 59kg, and the weight gain is due to an unhealthy lifestyle of no exercise, working long hours, not drinking enough water and making bad food choices (lots of takeaways and eating out because there “is no time to make food / pack lunch / etc”).

About two weeks ago I came across the Paleo diet through the SleekGeek Facebook group and starting doing some research of my own. Based on my past weight loss experience I know that more protein and less carbs is the way to go if I want to lose weight. After spending hours reading up on Paleo, looking at recipes and reading through other people’s experience posts (like this one!) I decided that as of last week Monday (19 November), I’m going to follow the Paleo diet. In essence for me this means no dairy, no cheese, no sugar, no carbs. You would imagine that it would be difficult to cut out all of the above, but to be honest I found it fairly easy – especially during the week. I found so many tasty and easy-to-make Paleo recipes while doing research and there are so many I want to try out (check out my Paleo Pinterest board).

My problem areas are my stomach and bum. I’m a classic apple figure – my arms and legs are quite slim and I carry most of my excess fat around my stomach – the unhealthiest fat of them all. There are about 4 weeks left  before we leave for Namibia on our December holiday, and I have set a ambitious (yet realistic) goal for myself. Through healthy eating and exercise I am going to try and lose weight and build muscle before our wedding on 30 March 2013. I’m having a BEAUTIFUL wedding dress made, and even though the dress will look fine on me as I am now, it will look even more amazing if I lose some weight and tone up.

I decided to adopt Paleo as a lifestyle, and not only as a diet. Once I reach my goal weight I plan to re-introduce some carbs into my eating plan, but I’ll deal with that challenge when I get there. I plan on blogging about my Paleo experience regularly and you can follow my updates through this link.

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