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Favourite new hair colour

I’m a box-dye-kind of a girl and I’ve never had my hair coloured by a professional hair stylist. I’ve also never gone much lighter or darker than my natural dark brown hair. The darkest I went was black a few years ago, it made me look like emo and the colour took forever to grow / wash out.

I used to use one of Garnier’s home hair colours and then they discontinued my favourite colour – bummer. So a few months ago I found myself looking for a new brand and colour to try out when I discovered L’oreal’s Excell 10 (my preferred colour is 515). What attracted me to this specific brand was 1) the colour was a deep and lively brown and 2) you only need to leave the dye on for 10 minutes. Colouring your hair at home is already such a mission so if the time spent waiting for the dye to work it’s magic can be reduced, I’m happy.

l'oreal excel 10 515

For me, the colour of this specific dye is best after a few washes. Straight after dying my hair, the colour is a bit too dark but after a few washes it’s a gorgeous, deep brown. What I like about the 515 is that it is so close to my natural colour that if there is regrowth, you can barely see it. I sometimes go up to 4 or 5 months of not colouring my hair and most people don’t even notice when I do eventually touch up my colour. I have a natural red shine in my hair and the dye seems to bring it out. If you’re looking for a new hair colour or you want to try out at-home hair colouring, I can recommend L’oreal’s Excell 10. Definitely one of my favourite hair products! 🙂

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