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My laser hair removal experience

About two weeks ago I went for my first laser hair removal treatment. After seeing a friend’s amazing results I decided the effort, time and money is well worth the convenience of not shaving – ever again. I decided to start with my underarms and bikini area and after one session on both areas, I can already see a difference in the hair regrowth. I visited the Blouberg Laser Hair Removal Clinic (it’s part of Skinlab) since it’s just around the corner from our house.


The result on my underarms is much more significant than on my bikini area. My underarm hairs grew back very thin and fine. It will take about 4 to 6 visits (or even 8 visits in some cases) to completely remove all hair.

How does the laser hair removal treatment work? I decided to try out the treatment on my underarms first to test the pain level – I did my first bikini area treatment the week after. On a scale of one to ten (with ten being unbearably painful) I found the underarm treatment to be about a four. So not that sore at all – the therapist numbed the skin with ice before doing the laser hair removal treatment. The bikini area on the other hand was an eight for me – very sore.

The reason for the high pain rating was a misunderstanding – I did not apply the numbing cream that is recommended for the bikini area and icing the area alone does not numb it (enough). A few minutes into the treatment I had to ask the therapist to stop and I rescheduled my appointment. I also made sure to buy Emla (the numbing cream). For the next appointment I applied the cream (generously!) 90 minutes before the appointment and it completely numbed the skin. With the cream on the pain rating is about a two – just slightly uncomfortable. If you are considering laser treatment, buy the Emla (or other) numbing cream. It may be expensive but so worth the money!

I now have to wait six weeks before I can go for the next treatment, and I’m keen to see what results the second treatment will achieve. I won’t be done with the treatments by the time we get married (end of March next year) but by then most of the hairs will be gone and the treatments will basically be “maintenance” treatments – to get rid of the last stubborn hairs.

I do recommend starting the laser hair removal treatments at the beginning of winter as you’re not allowed to go into the sun while doing laser treatment. If you do tan / burn on the laser treated areas pigmentation may occur – sun beds are even worse. Other than that, no regrets so far. Just excitement to see the next round’s results! ­čÖé

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