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What are you wearing?!

During our two week Italy trip I saw my fair share of horrendous outfits. I caught some on camera and thought I’d share some of them with you. 🙂

what are you wearing?

You will never ever catch me in sweats and a t-shirt, not even at home. This is such an ugly outfit – and way too tight and unflattering.

This is how not to wear prints – way too much.

This look is wrong on so many levels. The blazer with shorts, the socks – it’s just one big NO!

I wish I could show you a photo from another angle – this outfit was horrendous. From the white sneakers to the too-high, too-tight jeans, studded belt, gelled hair and fake tan.

Wearing takkies with a normal outfit is just wrong. I don’t care how much walking you’re going to do – it’s just not on.

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