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Packing for an overseas trip

This post is a bit late, I wanted to post it on the day we left for Italy but alas, I was pressed for time and the post had to wait. When my sister, Mom and I planned this trip I made it very clear that for me this trip was more about shopping and relaxing than visiting the historic sites. 

For this reason I only packed three or four outfits with the idea to buy loads of clothes while on holiday. So far, Italy has not disappointed me. I’ve bought something in every town we’ve been in – I went a bit crazy in Milan spending way too much at Zara and Promod (no regrets though, just beautiful clothes), bought a gorgeous knit in Verona and saw a pair of cobalt blue heels to die for in Bolzano today. I’m still deciding whether or not I should go back and buy them…

Back to the packing preparations for this trip, I tried to keep things to a minimal. I only brought one suitcase (I’ll have to buy another one here by the look of things) and even with my vanity case in the suitcase, my bag weighed only 12.8kg. We’re allowed 32kg excluding hand luggage so I have more than enough space to buy a new wardrobe 😉

I only took two pairs of shoes: flat boots (for the rainy days) and flat black pumps. I wore my boots and the only jacket that I brought with me, on the flight. I layered my outfit as we flew from winter to summer, and even with the layering I was still dressed too warm.

In my hand luggage, I packed the following:

Packing for a long trip

Hand cream, lip balm, make up, facial wipes, medication (pain pills, sinus meds and tummy meds just in case), two magazines (which turned out to be completely unnecessary with all the in-flight entertainment), an extra cellphone battery, iPad and a toothbrush, toothpaste and an extra pair of underwear – to freshen up after the flight and just in case my luggage got lost.

Here’s my suitcase after everything has been added. See – loads of space left.

Packing for an overseas trip

Tequila was very interested in the new ‘thing’ on the ground and sniffed it, climbed in it and managed to squeezed in behind the suitcase and the wall. 

How can you not love that little face?! Cuteness overload 🙂

Tequila the pet rabbit

Back to my packing tips. Now the we’ve been here a few days, here is what I would have added / left at home:

  • The magazines were unnecessary, in my case I had Kindle on my iPad.
  • I wish I thought of smaller bottles for my shampoo, conditioner and lotion. They’re so chunky!
  • Less tops, I’ve already bought quite a few new tops while in Italy and I just know I’m not going to wear the old stuff on this trip.

That’s it – if you have any packing tips, let me know!

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