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How to curl your clip in hair extensions

I have been lusting after a ghd for obvious reasons, until I discovered how to create ghd curls without a ghd. My less-than-R200 Salton straightener create the most gorgeous curls with this technique and I’ve been curling my clip in hair extensions quite often. Here is a step by step guide on how to curl your clip in hair extensions (or own hair).

clip in hair extensions diy ghd curls

This is what the curls will look like once you’re done. Find something heavy to pin down the extensions while you curl them, I used a flower pot.

fashion blog salton hair straightener

Get your hair straightener ready – high heat works best.

20 inch clip in hair extensions fashion blog

While waiting for the straightener to heat up, comb out the hair extensions.

curling clip in hair extensions ghd curls

To get started, divide the hair extensions in small sections. Take one section of hair and put it over the bottom plate of the straightener, between the two plates. Don’t close the straightener.

curl hair with ghd

Take the section of hair and twist it around the bottom of the straightener, until it’s lying between the two plates again with the “tail” of the section pointing at you.

diy ghd curls at home

Now twist the straightener around in a full circle away from you, until the “tail” section of the hair is pointing at you again.

step by step curls with ghd

You should now have two loops of hair around the bottom plate of the straightener, with the “tail” of the hair pointing to you.

ghd curls at home

Once the “tail” is pointing at you again, pull the straightener towards you in one smooth continuous motion.

ghd curls without a ghd You should end up with a curl like this. If your curl is flat, redo the whole process. Make sure that once you have looped the hair around the straightener, you pull the straightener towards you in a slow and smooth motion. If you don’t loop the hair around the straightener correctly, you will not get curls.

Repeat the curling process with all the sections of your hair, and spray each section with hairspray once you’ve curled it.

clip in hair extensions ghd curls

This is the end result. Use your fingers to comb through the sprayed curls to loosen them up. Voila! 🙂

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