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Stay organised with a handbag organiser

I have a confession to make…I can almost never find what I’m looking for in my handbag. I like to buy big, chunky handbags and this normally result in its content lying around in a mess, resulting in me digging around like a maniac looking for my cellphone / car keys / lip gloss.

My messy handbag

See? It’s impossible to find anything

While browsing around Dischem I spotted this handbag organizer, which is exactly what I need to organise my bag.

Handbag organizer

The Incredible Bag Organizer from Dischem

After tossing everything in my bag on the floor (and throwing out loads of stuff), everything was sorted neatly in the organiser.

Handbag organizer

Can you get any more organised? 

The Incredible Bag Organizer comes with two bags – a big one and a small one. All my stuff fits in the big organiser, so I’m going to pass the small bag on to my sister.

My handbag with bag organiser

Sooo much better!

The bag organiser also makes it easy to switch handbags on days that you feel like the brown and not the black bag. In the past it was such a mission to transfer everything from one bag to another, but now it’s super easy.

My handbag with the bag organiser

Switching bags has never been this easy

Go get yourself the Incredible Bag Organizer from Dischem, R99.95 is a small price to pay for your sanity! Tip: It also makes a great Christmas gift…your Mom / friend / sister will love you forever! 😉

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