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The process

In my first post for the year, I mentioned that 2017 is going to be the year of ME. I have a lot to sort out in terms of my health, skin, diet and lifestyle and over the course of the next few months I’ll share my process with you.

The first step is doing something that I said I will never, ever, EVER do again in a million years…get braces. For those of you that don’t know, I had braces on and off for most of my school years – 9 years to be exact. For some reason, the orthodontist didn’t put in a retainer brace at the back of my teeth and over the years my teeth moved back – not as drastic as they used to be, but the ‘look’ is not something that I’m comfortable with.

Before our wedding, I had veneers placed on my top teeth to straighten them out. It was an expensive process, but worth every single cent as it boosted my confidence tremendously. Most people can’t even see the difference, which is fine, but I feel the result is quite drastic.

So, the last time we were in Cape Town in 2016, I had a consultation with the dentist who designed my veneers to discuss a course of action for my bottom teeth. Turns out, veneers won’t work for the bottom teeth and basically the only way forward is getting braces again. That really wasn’t the news that I wanted to hear. It took me about 2 or 3 months to decide to move forward and set up a consultation with an orthodontist in Windhoek. I have my consultation tomorrow and I’m actually quite excited to see what his recommendations are.

While I’m not looking forward to the actual process of getting braces again (I remember the pain all too well!) – I am super excited for the final result.

What is the one thing that you’re doing for YOU this year? My list is quite long…and I’d love to hear your goals too 🙂

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