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A look at: My dressing room

A little bit of context: I really didn’t want to move again – especially not to a new town as I just started to feel settled in Otjiwarongo – so the night before we had house viewings in Tsumeb lined up, I prayed and asked for a sign that this move to Tsumeb was right for us and our future. I also asked for quite a clear sign, because I’m not good with picking up subtle hints 🙂

When we entered the house, the general look and feel was already lightyears better than any other house we saw that day. But, the sign that I asked for was definitely the look and feel of one of the bedrooms. I have a board on Pinterest (it’s a secret board, so don’t even bother checking, haha) with ideas for a baby nursery – for one day. One of the bedrooms in this house is decorated so close to what I have in mind – from the wallpaper, colour scheme, everything. I felt like this was really a very clear sign and to be honest, Pieter didn’t need much convincing – he loved the house too. The house’s price was a little bit more than what we bargained on, but we felt it’s a good investment. So fast forward a few months and here we are 🙂

There was one smaller bedroom that I knew I was going to make my dressing room. I inherited my grandmother’s bedroom set, which has a very special history. My grandfather passed away when I was only a few months old so I didn’t really know him, but he bought a complete bedroom set for my grandmother as a wedding gift. The set includes a men’s closet, a women’s closet, a dressing table, two separate beds and a men’s shoe closet. For me, the set represents something special and it has great sentimental value.

When we moved, I decided that I was going to use the closets and dressing table in my dressing room. The beds and shoe closet need a bit of TLC, so we’re going to restore them before using them. There was one big cupboard in the room that’s basically semi permanent. It’s not built-in, but to move it is nearly impossible. I’m pretty sure they built the room around it, because I don’t think we’ll be able to get it out of that room without taking it apart 🙂 That sounded like too much of a mission, so I decided to keep that cupboard (you can never have enough storage space!) and paint it dark brown.

There was also a built-in corner unit which is not my favourite, but again – it’s storage space. This was also a light-ish colour, and I painted this section dark too.

I also had two old bookshelves that I painted a matt brown for my home office in Otjiwarongo, and one of these became a display cabinet for shoes and accessories.

So, one weekend a few weeks ago I decided to tackle the painting job. Both cupboards in this room was a light wood, laminated type of thing. I realised while writing this post that I didn’t take any decent “before” photos but I did Snapchat the painting process – so here is a quick 30 second compilation of my Snapchat videos to show you what I did.

The paint that I used on these cupboards was oil based, so I had to give each layer 8 to 10 hours to dry before I could move on to the next layer. I applied 3 layers of paint and in some places 4 layers. This doesn’t sound like a lot of work, but oh my word – never again will I think painting a room or (anything for that matter!) is an easy job!

I haven’t found the right carpet yet so this room is still a work in progress. I also want to hang some photos etc against the walls, so I will be doing an update post once that is done 🙂 Here is a look at one of the corners of the room as it looks now.

dressing room decor

What do you think? If you’ve seen anything on Pinterest that you think will work well with this room, let me know! 🙂

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  1. nelia -

    Ek dink Ouma en Oupa glimlag van Bo af!

  2. Astrid Sanders -

    Looking good so far! I love that big mirror. I’d go dark with a navy paint on the walls and keep the trim white. I also like adding modern touches, like maybe a fun pouf in a bright hue. Finding a good quality rug on a budget is hard – I know! You could try Hertex for something mid-range but I have no idea what style you’re going for. 🙂

  3. Dalene Swartz -

    Baie mooi Carla! Wys net vrouens kan diy!

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