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One year later

We’ve been living in Namibia for exactly 1 year today. In the last 365 days, I only blogged 5 times and at one point I seriously contemplated deleting the blog, since it was just ‘sitting’ there. It’s been a challenging year which lead to some big┬áchanges. I’m not going to go into too much detail, but I’ll definitely share some of the challenges in upcoming blog posts to (hopefully) help others that are planning to move to Namibia.

So – all in all, we’ve settled in nicely in Otjiwarongo and I’m really enjoying small town life. That being said, I do miss the convenience that comes along with living in a city. Here it’s really tricky to find certain beauty products – and your clothing / shopping options are very limited. When we go to Windhoek, we normally have SO much to get done, that there’s no time for shopping – so stores and the convenience thereof is definitely something I’m missing.

The other thing that I knew would be hard – but didn’t expect to be this hard – was saying goodbye to our friends. I still get sad on days when big things happen – like the birth of a new baby or a special celebration – and we can’t be there. But thank goodness for Whatsapp, Skype and email! We have also been blessed to be able to visit quite a few times over the past year and we have another trip coming up in May.

Here’s a glimpse at what has changed in the last year.

emma and lexie

Nothing changed here…these two still love each other VERY much! They love all the space that we have here – and their biggest treat is going to the farm. Emma is a natural cattle herder…who knew?! ­čśë


We added another baby to the family – Buskruit. This photo was taken a year ago when he was still teeny tiny. He’s massive now! But, a real gentle giant.

baby eland

I also raised an orphaned eland baby and I named her Saartjie. She stayed with us for almost a month since she had to be bottle-fed every three hours. She was the cutest thing with the most beautiful eyes. She thought she was a dog – she would come inside the house when I was preparing her milk and she and the three dogs literally played┬á‘n hond uit ‘n bos.

carla van staden short hair

I chopped off my hair! This happened around November last year and I LOVE the shorter hair. It’s so much easier to manage.

carla van staden office

This is my home office and the place where I spend most of my time. Twenty3Media is doing extremely well and the Namibian side of it is taking off. My team has grown to 6 people and while it’s tricky managing so many people – all of them are working remotely – we’re slowly but surely getting there. Over the next 3 to 6 months I’m implementing some more changes in the business’ structure which will hopefully free up some of my time.

That in short is a quick overview of our year in Namibia. There are some other news that I can’t share just yet – but as soon as I can, I will! I also promise to blog more, Facebook more and post more photos on Instagram. You can expect the outfit posts to come┬áback, but unfortunately there is no Bianca here ­čÖü so I’m back to taking my own outfit photos. I’m also going to be posting some DIY home decor posts along with recipes and travel posts of our trips here in Namibia – but more on that later.

Here’s to posting more!

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