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Interview on Expresso

A couple of weeks ago Siyaam (from and I were asked to join Alexis Chaffe Mey to talk about Skip’s Three Word Wardrobe campaign on the Expresso show. This was both Siyaam’s and my television debut, and I was very happy to do the interview with someone I knew.

I wasn’t nervous before the interview started, but once they clipped on the microphones and we sat on the couch my heart started racing. There wasn’t any way to back out, so the only way was to push through. Now that it’s done and dusted I can say that it’s not that bad 🙂 Here is the interview if you missed it.

I’ve only watched the interview clip once – it’s way too weird to see (and hear!) yourself. I know I have a very Afrikaans accent but sjoe, the accent is quite hectic when I hear a recording of myself. Siyaam brought Thabiet Amardien with her, and he took some beautiful photos and he also made a behind-the-scenes video. Thank you Thabiet 🙂

Visit Siyaam’s blog for more photos that Thabiet took on the day. Here’s what I wore for the interview:

White blazer from Zara / White top from Mango / Jeans bought from a store at China Town / Shoes from Mr Price

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