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Buying and selling online with Gumtree

This past Sunday was my birthday, yay! I just love birthdays…🙂 On the Saturday afternoon I organised a lunch with my friends to celebrate the new year in my life. I was spoiled to bits and one of the gifts that a friend got me was another bunny. After getting over the initial shock and ooohhh-ing and aaahhh-ing I had to get all the details. Where did he get her? How long has he had her? What kind of environment is she used to?

zara the pet bunny

Turns out Zara (as we named her, it was a group decision :-)) is a four month old female bunny that Etienne found on Gumtree. I also bought Tequila via Gumtree about 3 years ago and he’s just the cutest furriest little thing.

So when Gumtree’s team approached me and asked if we could work together, I had to say yes. I’m a big Gumtree fan and we use the website often. Once I started listing the things we’ve bought and sold via Gumtree I was really surprised – it’s a long list! Let’s get started.

I bought my Toyota Yaris on Gumtree, and then I also sold it via Gumtree (for a very good price if I may add!). I then found my current car on Gumtree and later this year I’ll be using Gumtree to sell it again.

About two years ago Pieter was thinking of selling his bakkie and (without telling me) placed it on Gumtree to ‘see how much he can get for it.’ The bakkie was literally sold within hours – he went to work with it the morning and had to get a lift back home with a friend. Tjing tjing 🙂

We’ve also bought bicycles using Gumtree during a ‘let’s get fit’ phase. That phase quickly passed and with us moving to Namibia next year, we’ll be selling the bicycles soon. We also found the house that we’re currently renting on Gumtree and we have been living here for 6 years – it was a really good deal! Some of my friends also bought prams and baby seats in very good condition using Gumtree.

I think I’ve made my point. I really love Gumtree. We’ve never had a bad experience with Gumtree before, but we are careful buyers and sellers. Some of my advice: If you sell something and you have to meet a potential buyer, always do it in a public place and take someone with you. If the person wants to buy the item, they have to pay upfront before you deliver the item. I always take Pieter with me if I have to meet someone (for instance when people came to look at my car) as I don’t feel safe going to meet a stranger on my own. You never know what can happen, there are some weird people out there. Rather be safe than sorry.

Have you used Gumtree before to buy or sell something? Chat to me in the comments, I’d love to hear your stories. If you have any tips on how to stay safe when buying and selling online – post them too!

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  1. Nicola -

    We bought a dining room table on Gumtree this weekend 🙂 It’s practically new and has a built-in pool table – for R6k including chairs. Was well worth the time it took to find the “perfect” table and at half the price we would’ve spent on brand new. Now we just need to list the old table!

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