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Hair perfection with Schwarzkopf and Style Bar

A couple of weeks ago I was invited by Style Bar in Tygervalley and Schwarzkopf to the relaunch event of Schwarzkopf’s Bona Cure range. Along with Siyaam from and a handful of other bloggers, we were each treated to a consultation session with a Style Bar hair stylist using Schwarzkopf’s Bona Cure products.

Did you know that Schwarzkopf is owned by the international brand Henkel Beauty Care? Henkel is not only the umbrella brand for Schwarzkopf, they also own other well-known brands like Pritt. Interesting fact right? I thought so 🙂 Schwarzkopf is Henkel’s biggest brand, and they have relaunched the Bona Cure range to introduce the new technology they incorporated in the products.

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At the event, the Schwarzkopf team explained exactly how the technology works. In essence, Schwarzkopf is the only hair care product that can almost completely repair and restore your hair to its natural and gorgeous state. They patented a technology called ‘Cell Perfector’ that will help replenish your hair. Here is an extract from their press pack to explain exactly what the Cell Perfector technology is capable of.

“The secret of the new BC Hairtherapy is the new Cell Perfector technology. It combines the cutic- ula Cell Perfector technology for optimum replenishment of the hair’s surface with the cortex Cell Perfector technology to rebuild the hair structure deep inside the hair’s cells. In its natural, virgin state hair has a lipid protection layer which consists of molecules with a chain of 21 carbons. External stress, chemical treatment or use of heat styling devices harm the hair surface, the entire chain erodes. Up to now hair care technologies can only recreate chains of up to 12 molecules. The Cell Perfector technology in the new BC Hairtherapy refills gaps in the hair’s surface with chains of 18 carbons and thus recreates the hair’s natural surface very precisely – close to natural perfection. Additionally, the hair’s structure is rebuilt from the inside with hair-identical amino acid chains – for a reborn hair experience: full of strength, elasticity and shine.”

After my consultation with Lee she decided that I should use the Moisture Kick to treat, the Time Restore to cleanse my hair and the Repair Rescue on my coloured ends. In addition to being pampered, we also received our recommended products to continue using it at home. After the first wash and treatment at Style Bar my hair was noticeably softer and easier to manage. I’ve now being using the Bona Cure products for about 2 weeks and I’m impressed by the results. Those of you that follow my blog will know that before my hair was coloured, I used only baking soda and vinegar to wash my hair. After colouring my hair in November last year I replaced the vinegar with conditioner again as my coloured ends needed some TLC.

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To find out about any of the Schwarzkopf products, visit Style Bar. Also keep in touch with them on Facebook for all news hair-related. Thank you to Schwarzkopf and Style Bar for a fun afternoon!

bona cure launch at style bar

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