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Endermolift facial treatment at Legs11

I was invited by Legs11 to try out their Endermolift facial treatment. One of my ex-clients at Twenty3Media is a distributor of the Endermologie machines, so I was keen to try out the latest technology at Legs11.

treatment room at legs11

I know quite a few people that tried / use Botox and I find the thought of a needle to my face very scary. I prefer a more natural approach to counter the aging process and I had a very interesting chat with Lee, my therapist at Legs11, about Botox.

Back to the treatment I received – the Endermolift facial treatment makes use of the Ergolift with motorized pulsating flaps. These flaps stimulate your skin as the machine is moved over your face, and the results include radiant and plump skin. My skin was baby soft immediately after the treatment!

results of endermolift facial

Photo on the left: before the treatment / Middle photo: right-side of my face has been treated / Photo on the left: after the treatment

The Ergolift also exfoliates your face, which helps with the smoothness and immediate softness. Lee first did the treatment only on one half of my face so that I could compare the difference – see the photo above. I honestly did not expect to see such visible results so quickly. I’m not going to try and explain how the treatment works, here is a video that explains the process much better (and quicker!) than I could.

Lee also gave me some products to try at home along with the treatment. I have quite a bit of scarring on my face, so right now my number one priority is to get rid of all the marks before I go for another treatment. Since my visit to Legs11 I’m using a combination of RégimA’s Scar Repair cream  and Bio Oil and it’s really made a difference to lighten the darker marks and posts.

In terms of pricing, I think the Endermolift facial is very competitively priced. If you decide to make use of a package, you will in essence receive a few sessions for free. 6 sessions for a full facial treatment will cost R2000 and a 12-session package is R3600. If you decided to do only a once-off treatment, it will cost you R400. If after your first treatment you only want to target one area (say for instance your under-eyes or chin) it will cost you R160 per area. With this option, you can also buy a package deal – 6 sessions will cost you R800 and 12 sessions R1440.

If you go for facials on a regular basis I’m sure you will agree that these prices are very competitive. I was honestly so impressed with the results that I am going to continue with these treatments. I like the idea that the treatment is not invasive, it’s pain-free and to be honest, it’s very relaxing.

Do you have any questions? Ask me in the comments! Have you tried out the Endermolift facial? I’d love to hear your thoughts 🙂

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