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Forever friendships

What does friendship mean to you? We all probably have different opinions of what exactly a good friendship is, but I think the basis of a good friendship is a respectful, two-way relationship. A balanced give-and-take relationship.

Just like any other relationship, friendship involves giving and taking. For me giving means not only literally giving material things, but also giving your time. Giving can be providing advice when your friend needs it, being there and listening if you can’t give advice, being a cheerleader when your friend does well and so on.

One party can’t always take and the other party can’t always give – there should be a balance. True, at some point in your life you may be the friend that ‘takes’ a lot and the other friend ‘gives’ more. This may be because you’re going through a difficult time in your life, but then the roles will switch again.

A true friend will always be there – through thick and thin. Maybe not in the same town or city, but he or she will be there to offer you support, a listening ear or sound advice. A true friend will not forget about you when he or she gets busy at work or go through a difficult time – or abandon you when you go through a difficult time. In fact, a true friend will turn to you during these times and that can make the friendship even stronger.

true friendship

I’m blessed with a fantastic circle of friends. We may not see each other that often, but I know they’re there for me. We don’t check in with each other every day or week, but I know I can share my good news with them and they’ll be happy with me – or I can share my bad news with them and they’ll be there for me.

I’m at that point in my life where I’d rather invest in those friendships and let the friendships that feel like ‘work’ go without any drama. It may be a selfish choice, but why would you stay in a friendship that is emotionally taxing and where you’re always the giving party?

They say that if you’ve had a friend for 7 years or more, that friendship will most likely last a lifetime. If I look at my circle of friends I’m pretty sure that’s true 🙂

What do you think the meaning of friendship is? I’d love to hear your thoughts – let me know in the comments.

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