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The best baby shower gift ideas

I’m at that stage in my life where most of my friends are married and they’re starting families. So we went from wild bachelorette parties to baby showers in a few short years, but hey – each one is fun in their own way 😉 If like me, you don’t have a baby yet it can be tricky to come up with gift ideas for a baby shower. In general I like to buy gifts that are useful, and it’s no different with baby shower gifts.


When one of my best friends fell pregnant, it was the ultimate ‘go’ sign to start buying loads and loads of baby clothes. When it came to her baby shower, I wanted to buy her something special and useful that she can use for both her and her baby. After I thought about it for a while (okay okay, it took me a really long time to come up with the idea!), I decided to buy her a stylish and chic diaper bag that doesn’t look like a diaper bag.

designer diaper bag elegant and chic

The diaper bag

I settled for this bag, I loved the look and feel of the bag. It’s elegant and chic – I personally don’t like traditional diaper bags that come with the cartoon prints and the gazillion pockets on the outside. You can still be a stylish and chic mommy 😉 Like this bag? You can buy it online – click here.

stylish and elegant diaper bag

The inside of the diaper bag

I stocked the bag with products they will need when their baby boy is born. These are other gift ideas too – when you have a baby my mommy-friends concur that you can never have too many disposable diapers and wet wipes. I stocked the diaper bag with loads of diapers, wet wipes, burp cloths, baby powder, outfits and other  useful items. Even if you don’t buy the diaper bag, you can’t go wrong with buying diapers and wet wipes.


Another very useful gift (that is quite difficult to find once you start looking!) is a beautiful photo album. Buy your friend a beautiful leather album – look under the wedding album section. You get some beautiful albums there.

If you want to splurge and spoil your friend on her baby shower, buy her a big carry cot. My mommy-friends love bigger carry cots – they can put their baby in there once they’re a bit bigger (and can sit up on their own) and surround them with toys to keep them busy. If you can find one with higher edges that is sturdy – that is perfect.

Nipple shields is another useful gift that you can buy your friend – and she will be very thankful once she starts breastfeeding. The nipple shields help to reduce the sensitivity in the beginning stages of breastfeeding. Not the cutest gift of all but one that she will really appreciate. 

Especially towards the later stages of pregnancy, many of my friends complained about back pain. Buy your friend a voucher for a pregnancy massage that she can use to relax before her baby arrives. Be sure to buy the pregnancy massage voucher at a reputable salon.

The mom-to-be will receive loads of baby clothes at her baby shower – so if you want to give clothes you want to give her something really unique that will make everyone go ‘oooohhh’ and ‘aaaaahhh cute!’ Onesies are always useful but she’ll probably receive loads of those – so buy cute outfits that the baby can wear once he or she is a bit older (for instance 6 months and up). Many people will buy new born or 0-3 month clothes and babies grow so fast (and receive so many items of clothing as gifts) that they’ll only wear each item once or twice.

buy baby clothes online south africa

How gorgeous are these outfits? Buy them online at

From left to right: Gentleman’s suit (R317.00), blue and white dress for a baby girl (R188.00), a unisex denim romper (R280.00) and a cheeky angel wings two piece outfit (R262.00).

These are my ideas for unique and useful baby shower gifts – do you have any that you’d like to add to the list? If you’re a mom, what gifts did you receive that you absolutely loved? Chat to me in the comments, I’d love to know your thoughts.

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