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How to make a sock bun {hair tutorial}

My friends know that this sock bun hairstyle is one of my go-to up styles. It’s so easy to make a sock bun once you have the rolling technique down, and in this post I’m going to show you my step-by-step tutorial. You will need one sock to create the ‘bun’ that you will roll the hair around. Use an old (clean!) sock and cut the front tip off. Roll the sock up until you have a doughnut shaped bun. Ready? Let’s get started 🙂


how to make a sock bun

Step 1

step by step sock bun tutorial

Make sure that your ponytail is secured properly, you don’t want a saggy bun

To get started, gather your hair in a high ponytail. Use a strong elastic band to tie your hair in the ponytail and make sure that the ponytail is high enough.

easy way to make a sock bun

Step 2

Next, take your doughnut shaped, rolled up sock and pull the end of the ponytail through the sock bun.

how to roll a sock bun hair

Step 3

You want to tuck the end of your ponytail around the sock bun and distribute the hair over the sock bun (to hide the sock) as you roll the sock down. Don’t worry about loose ends sticking out, just keep tucking them in as you roll the sock down. My hair is quite layered and this sock bun still works with a lot of layers. As you roll the bun down, pull the hair back to tighten the hair around the sock. In other words, as you roll the bun and tuck hair around the sock – occasionally pull the sock up and away from your head to tighten the hair around the bun.

how to make a sock bun stay

Step 4

Roll the bun as close to your head as you can. Some people don’t pin down their sock buns, but I prefer to. Using a few bobby pins, secure the bun. If there are any loose ends sticking out, pin them away too.

sock bun tutorial step by step

Step 5

Finish off the look by smoothing down fly-away hairs with a misting spray.

sleek and chic sock bun chunky

The final look

You will end up with a high, chunky sock bun like this. You can even make the look a bit more messy by teasing the hair on your crown before tying your hair into the ponytail.

If you’re going to try this sock bun hair tutorial, please post a pic on the wall of my Facebook page of the final look – I’d love to see how yours turned out. If you have another technique, let me know – I’m always keen to try out new things 🙂

Photos taken by Andrea Fourie

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