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Derma fillers for a more youthful appearance

Skin Renewal invited me to attend their media day in Cape Town where they showcased a filler demonstration and the Dermapen (I missed this demonstration unfortunately). The event took place at their beautiful Cape Quarter branch and they spoiled us with delicious food and drinks.

media event skin renewal

Yummy food 🙂


I haven’t considered getting Botox or fillers yet, but I have read quite a few articles and blog posts about it and I do think fillers and / or Botox is something that I’d considering doing to prevent aging. However, from some of the stories I’ve read and what I’ve seen yesterday it’s very important to go to a qualified Doctor to have the fillers (or Botox) done – this is your face after all and you don’t want to end up with bumpy skin or looking like you got the fright of your life for the months following the procedure.

I’m definitely no beauty expert and didn’t even recognise the names of the products mentioned in the demonstration, so I do suggest that you do your homework and chat to friends who’ve had something similar done before you decide to go ahead with any type of procedure.


Doctor Maureen Allem is the founder of Skin Renewal and the Doctor that did the filler demonstration. If you’re not familiar with the brand, Skin Renewal focus on non-surgical anti-aging and weight-loss solutions and they have branches all over South Africa. I did my Slender Wonder programme with their Cape Quarter branch earlier this year, and I was impressed with the results of the programme and the professionalism of the Skin Renewal team. They offer a wide range of services – take a look at their website for a detailed overview.

Derma fillers are also referred to as a ‘liquid facelift‘ for a good reason – and we got to see this first hand during the demonstration. Anouschka from Pamper Me Now volunteered to be the model for the filler demonstration at the media event. Before injecting the filler, Dr Maureen numbed Anouschka’s mouth area with a small dose of dental block (the same injection you get when going to the dentist).

a filler being injected into wrinkles

Dr Maureen injecting the filler into the nasolabial folds

how a filler is injected into your face

Injecting some filler into Anouschka’s cheeks

how a filler is injected on the cheek

The other cheek being done

The whole procedure was very quick, 10 to 15 minutes maximum. Anouschka had some swelling but nothing hectic (apparently it can get a little bit more swollen a few hours after the procedure but within a day the swelling should be gone). Anouschka promised that she couldn’t feel a thing as the filler was injected (yay for the dental block!) and rated the pain out of 10 as a one.

Now that I’ve seen the results and how the actual filler is injected, I do think this is something that I would try. I strongly recommend that you do your research properly and find a reputable Doctor to inject the filler. This is your face we’re talking about. Read all about fillers here on Skin Renewal’s website – this is a great resource. If you still have questions after doing your research, I suggest you schedule a consultation with a Doctor at Skin Renewal to discuss any concerns.


The derma filler can last anything from 9 months to 2 years, depending on which one you choose. The initial investment for your first procedure will be the most expensive, and the price range is about R4 000 (this is dependent on how many syringes of filler is needed. The more wrinkles you have, the more filler is needed and hence the cost will be more).

Seeing that most women don’t want people to know that ‘they’ve had help,’ Dr Maureen suggest that you start with fillers as soon as you see lines appear. This way you can keep your face looking youthful without a dramatic change. Ten years down the line if friends ask you for your anti-aging secret you can pass it off as ‘aging well’ 😉

I don’t like needles but after seeing the results of this demonstration and watching Anouschka not even clenching her hands while Dr Maureen injected the filler I do think this is something that I’d give a shot. Dr Maureen is going to  send us Anoushcka’s before and after pictures, and I’ll update this post with the pictures as soon as I receive them.

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