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Remove scars and marks from your face {beauty tips}

I scar very easily – even a small cut can leave a scar in the form of a brown / purple mark. A couple of years ago while I was using RégimA products, the beautician recommended this little tube of scar repair cream. It’s been the best skin corrector product that I’ve bought so far! With continuous use, marks will fade and you are left with perfect skin as if there never was a scar. I haven’t tried it on acne scars so I can’t give you feedback on that – sorry.

how to remove scars from face

One of my favourite beauty corrector products

The cream comes in a small tube and I think back when I bought it the price was about R100 for the small tube. I’m still using mine after years as you only use a little bit at a time. The cream has an exfoliator in and this is what will help fade the marks from your face. I use this cream in conjunction with my daily facial beauty routine that includes using Bio Oil as a moisturizer and the results have been great. Have you used RégimA’s scar repair cream? Chat to me in the comments – also let me know if you have any questions 🙂 If you want to read more about the natural and organic products that I use as part of my facial beauty routine, follow this link for the low down.

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