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My natural and organic facial beauty routine

Months before our wedding I decided it was time to change my daily facial beauty routine. The routine I was following was not working and I still haven’t found the right beauty products for my skin yet. I’ve tried RégimA, Clinique, Dermologica, Oil of Olay and many others – but none of them seemed to work perfectly. I then turned to Google (like I normally do…) and then researched some more natural and organic beauty products. I came across quite a few people that were using baking soda as a facial cleanser and scrub, and olive oil as a moisturizer. After reading couple of blog posts and articles I decided to give it a try – I had baking soda (bicarbonate of soda) in the kitchen and Bio Oil which I decided to use as a moisturizer seeing that I had some scars on my face that I wanted to fade.

natural and organic beauty products

Baking soda as a facial cleaners and exfoliator, and Bio Oil as a moisturizer

I’ve been using baking soda and Bio Oil as part of my daily facial beauty routine for months now, and I am very happy with the results. My skin is much clearer and hasn’t felt dry or flaky. The coarseness  / texture of the baking soda also serves as an exfoliator so I’ve trimmed down on exfoliation to only once a week. Before my skin was very dry and flaky and I had to exfoliate way more often.

I also use to wash my face both in the evening and morning with whatever product I was using, but now I’m only washing my face in the evenings to remove any makeup that I’m wearing. In the morning I just rinse my face with water. To wash my face with the baking soda, I throw a little bit of baking soda in the palm of my wet hand while in the shower, and then rubbing my palms together to form a paste that I then apply to my face. I wash my face like normally and occasionally I’ll leave the baking soda on my face while I shower and rinse it off just before I get out. I then apply Bio Oil as a moisturizer but seeing that it is quite shiny once on your face, I blot my face with baby powder applied to a big powder brush in the mornings before I apply my BB cream and makeup as usual.

All in all these have to be the cheapest beauty products that I’ve used before. A bottle of Bio Oil last for months as I only use a teeny tiny drop each time. Baking soda is dirt cheap – I think something like R25 for a big pack. I don’t see myself going back to any other beauty cleansing products in the near future, but I may add an eye cream for the sensitive skin around my eyes. I am getting closer to 30 you know and it’s time to think about wrinkle prevention 😉 All jokes aside, if you’re looking for organic and natural beauty products, give baking soda and olive oil a try (or Bio Oil if you’d like). If you’re using natural beauty products and you think there’s anything else I should try – let me know. If you don’t use natural beauty products yet and have questions, chat to me in the comments 🙂

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    Love this Carla, I need a natural beauty routine

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