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Why I love the Sensationail DIY kit

I have a confession to make: I’m addicted to nail polish. I very, VERY rarely go without a manicure or pedicure and over the last few months I have grown to love gel nail polish. Gel nail polish is much more durable than normal nail polish but also more expensive. Up until now I’ve had my gel mani’s and pedi’s done at a spa, but now I’ve invested in a Sensationail DIY kit. I spotted the kit a while ago in Edgars but only recently decided to buy it after I made the sum of what the trips to the spa is costing me.

The Starter kit (shown below) includes everything you will need – also the LED lamp to dry the gel nail polish. The starter kits go for about R995 and they’re available at Edgars and Foschini. I also bought an additional colour which costed R159. If you do the maths, this kit will pay for itself in two or three manicures and pedicures – depending on how expensive the salon is that you normally go to 😉

sensationail gel polish diy kit review

The items that you get in the starter kit, along with one extra gel nail polish that I bought

Applying the gel nail polish is not much less different than applying normal nail polish. Follow the instructions carefully and you should be fine. If you already have gel nail polish on your nails, you will have to remove it. Here is a step-by-step guide on how to remove gel nail polish at home – it works like a charm.

gel manicure with sensationail kit

My gel mani after one week of wearing it

As you can see from the pic above, my mani is looking really good after a week. Even if it only lasts for 10 days, I will be delighted. I love how the nail polish stay chip-free and super glossy right until you remove it. My top two tips for applying gel nail polish are:

  • Apply the polish in very thin layers – this is key
  • Do not get any nail polish on your skin, take your time to make sure that you applied the nail polish (including the base and top coats) neatly. Patience is key!

My first mani took me about 50 minutes and the second time round it went much quicker. It also helps to have everything packed out and ready to use so you don’t have to look for stuff while you’re halfway through the process. Also keep the instructions close by in case you’re not sure how long to put your hand under the light for, etc.

All in all, if you like gel manicures and pedicures and you’re looking for an at-home / DIY solution – this is definitely it. I’m pretty impressed with the results and I don’t  think I’m going to switch back to normal nail polish anytime soon. Have you tried DIY gel applications yet? Chat to me in the comments or let me know if you have any questions 🙂

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