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Recipe: Jalapeno poppers

It was Pieter’s birthday on Monday so I spoiled him with a homemade three course meal with all his favourite food. For starters I made jalapeno poppers with peppers and jalapenos from our garden. I used this recipe as guidance but I made a few changes that I will discuss below.

homemade jalapeno poppers recipe easy

My homemade jalapeno poppers…they were really good!

The jalapenos I hollowed out and stuffed – the green pepper I used I cut in quarters and cleaned out all the pits. I steamed the pepper and jalapenos for 3 to 4 minutes before I filled them with stuffing. My stuffing was a mix of cream cheese, bacon, onion, mushroom and cheddar. Once stuffed, I wrapped rolled out puff pastry around the peppers and popped all of them into the oven until the pastry was golden brown. What is nice is about this method is that you can do all the prep work up before the meal and when it’s almost time to eat, you can quickly deep fry the poppers to add the final touch and warm them up.

For my deep fried skin I used egg, flour and breadcrumbs (place all of these in separate bowls). Make sure your oil is nice and warm but not overly hot before you start coating your poppers. I prefer this coating method: cover the popper with flour, then dip it in the egg, roll it in flour again and lastly coat it with a layer of breadcrumbs. Now you’re ready to fry the poppers until they’re golden brown. Happy eating! 🙂

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