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Weekend wrap up {photos}

The last weekend of January 2013 is done and dusted, can you believe that the first month of the new year is almost over?! That means our wedding is only 61 days away…yaayyyyy! (Yes, I have one of those countdown thingies…) This past weekend we spent most of our time at home – I baked, read the new Allure and tried out some makeup looks for the wedding while my lovely other half spent some time in our garden (his pride). The weekend also included quite a few naps so I for one am feeling very ready for the new week. Here are some photos from the weekend that was, definitely one of our more chilled weekends.

wedding makeup trial

Saturday morning started off with a DIY wedding makeup trial. This was the final look (sans the false lashes that I’m thinking of wearing). What do you think? I initially wanted to do a darker smokey eye but I’m leaning towards a more natural look.

pet rabbit

Tequila being his cute self, here I am getting kisses in return for cuddles. He’s so adorable.

chocolate and caramel icing for cupcakes

We had dinner at friends on Saturday evening and I was responsible for dessert. Luckily I was in a baking mood… 😉

homemade chocolate cupcakes

The final result…decadent chocolate cupcakes with a chocolate center and caramel-chocolate icing.

white manicure

I tried out an all-white manicure but I’m not sure about the colour yet. I think it’s a bit too white – what do you think? I removed it and I’m now sporting a bright orange mani (that’s more my cup of tea).

cutest pet rabbit

Another shot of Tequila (pardon the pun ;)), he loves stretching out in a corner and chilling there.

apple and cinnamon healthy snack

A new favourite healthy snack, steamed apple with cinnamon. It’s quick, it’s easy and it’s tasty. I’m on a bit of a diet before the wedding (another three weeks of dieting to go!) and so far so good. Almost 5kg down from my starting weight 🙂

This coming weekend we are going away and the week thereafter my Mom is visiting and I have my first wedding dress fitting…so much to look forward to! Have a good week peeps 🙂

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