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My new favourite self tanner

I have the unfortunate luck to tan unevenly. Whenever I get a bit too much sun, my skin will go red and especially on my legs the redness will be in patches. A very awkward look, trust me. I’ve tried sun bed and tan can tanning before but they freak me out, I don’t like feeling “trapped” and I’ve noticed that once I’ve used a sun bed / tan can I end up with more freckles. This is where self tanning comes in. This summer up until now I haven’t really bothered with tanning, but with our wedding coming up I was trying to make an effort to add a bit of colour to my skin.

When we went away this past weekend, my arms and shoulders got a really nice tan thanks to a strapless once piece swimsuit that I bought from Milady’s last year. My wedding dress has a really low cut back and is strapless so I don’t want to tan any straps on my shoulders.


There’s coffee in that cup, promise 😉

I came back home with nicely tanned arms but my legs went red and then lily white again. This is where my self tan research started (again). I heard some good things about Caribbean Tan and St Tropez self tan. I’ve used Caribbean Tan in shade B before and I had some left over so I did a patch test but the colour seemed a bit too orangy for me once it developed. (Looking for how tips on how to apply self tanner? Here are some of my top tips.) I found St Tropez’s Bronzing Mousse in Dark at Clicks and decided to give it a try.


st tropez bronzing mousse dark

St Tropez Bronzing Mousse in Dark

I didn’t do a patch test but I highly recommend that you do one if you’re not very familiar with self tanner. I also only applied the self tan to my legs for a start. I applied it one weekday morning after I showered, shaved, and scrubbed. Below is a before and after picture, with the after picture taken immediately after I applied the self tanner and waited for it to dry.

results st tropez dark tanning mousse

Before (on the left) and after (on the right)

You can see there is already a noticeable colour difference between the two pictures. St Tropez’s Bronzing Mousse – the actual mousse – is a tinted / coloured mousse. When you apply it, it seems dark or dirty brown and as you apply the mousse you immediately add colour to your skin – sort of like a temporary tint. This may sound weird but the result is amazing!


Here are more of my thoughts on the bronzing mousse:

  • This has to be the self tan with the best smell ever. It still has that distinct self tanner smell, but it’s a very very faint smell
  • You really can’t miss any spots with the coloured / tinted mousse and you have to blend it really well otherwise the tinted mousse will appear streaky immediately
  • The mousse is light and fluffy and glides on easily  – and I didn’t use that much for my legs
  • To apply the mousse to my legs took all of 10 minutes, perhaps 15 minutes with the clean up
  • I didn’t receive a mitt when I purchased the mousse and Clicks also didn’t have any self tan mitts for sale, so be warned that the tinted mousse will stain your hands and it’s a mission to remove it. I scrubbed my hands immediately afterwards and made sure that I removed all colour.
  • Thanks to the tinted mousse, you are left with a nice tanned colour immediately after you apply the self tanner. It dries really quickly and the cool thing is that the tinted colour develops into a real tan over a few hours. Don’t be alarmed if after 6 or 8 hours your tan is really dark because the tinted colour on your legs will make it look worse. Once you hop into the shower you will see the temporary tint will wash off and you are left with a nice and subtle tan.

st tropez self tanner results

Do you see how darkly tanned my legs are? This photo was taken before I showered and washed off the dark temporary tint.

All in all this is a great self tanner and definitely the best one that I’ve used so far. My tan is now two days old and still looking great. I won’t recommend applying the self tan before bed and have it develop overnight (especially if you have white bedding) because of the temporary tint. I’m pretty sure the tint will rub off and stain your bedding. If you’re hesitant to try out self tanner because of the application process, take a look at this post that I wrote with my top self tanning tips. Do you use self tan? Let me know in the comments and also which brand is your favourite – it’s always good to hear what worked for others and what didn’t.


Update (08 Feb 2013)

This week I used St Tropez for a full body tan as I had my first wedding dress fitting and I wanted to see how the colour of the tan will look against the dress. I definitely don’t want to be orange! Every time I use the bronzing mousse I’m more and more impressed – the tan came out great and the colour is really natural. I also slept with the bronzing mousse on and it didn’t stain my white bedding as much as I thought it would. Here is a pic to give you an idea of the colour of the tan the morning after I applied it.

tan after st tropez bronzing mousse

No filter has been applied to this photo so the tan has not been ‘enhanced’ – this is the real deal. Pretty gorgeous right?

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  2. Monique -

    Which clicks? I can’t seem to find the dark mousse anywhere!!! HELP!

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