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Nail art – a funky manicure

There are so many great nail art pictures floating around on the web (specifically on Pinterest) but you need some serious skills to create some of them. All that detail and fine lines…I most definitely don’t have a steady enough hand or patience to get it right 😉 I decided to try out a funky DIY manicure combining two of my favourite colours for summer.

nail art diy tips tricks

Both colours used are from Revlon, the red on the tips is 730 Valentine and the orange is 640 Fearless. I already had the orange manicure and only added on the red tips.

If you want to try to recreate this manicure at home, here’s how to: use tape (i.e. cellotape) to cover your nail – leave open only the piece of nail you want to paint red. Paint a thin layer of red polish on the tips and wait for the polish to properly dry. I waited about 15 minutes before I removed the tape. The longer you wait the less chance there is that the nail polish will smudge and the line between the two colours will be much more defined.

If you’re going to create this two-toned manicure in one go, make sure that the bottom layer (orange in my case) is thoroughly dry before applying the tape. If you’re hasty, you’ll peel the nail polish off when removing the tape.

I love it – I think this nail art is basic enough for anyone to try at home and it’s perfect for summer, especially with a nice bright coloured dress. Happy painting! 🙂

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