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Gel nail polish or normal nail polish?

After trying out gel nail polish (twice) I have some insight to share when it comes to the question – gel nail polish or normal nail polish? My first experience with gel nail polish was earlier this year when I tried out Nutra Nail’s DIY gel nail kit (read about my experience here).

gel nail polish manicure

The gel lasted for about four days and looked nice and shiny. After the fourth day the gel started chipping and lifting up. I’m sure the gel can last longer – I seem to be pretty rough on my manicures. The next time I had a gel manicure my sister and I had it professionally done at the launch of Pretty Smart.

gel nail polish manicure

The professional gel manicure lasted MUCH longer than the DIY one and if I remember correctly, it lasted for about 8 days before the gel started lifting. 8 days is not bad at all. So here’s my two cents:

  • The gel manicures does damage your nails, but not as badly as an acrylic manicure in my opinion.
  • If you have a gel manicure professionally done it should last you more than a week. A salon manicure can be done in 20 minutes or less and the polish is rock-hard dry when they’re done – massive bonus!
  • The gel nail polish can get expensive if you have it professionally done (anything from R180 per application and upwards). The DIY kit is about the same price (less than R200) and you can get more than one application from it.

My conclusion? I will wear nail polish for certain events (i.e. while on holiday) but for every day wear I’ll stick to normal nail polish. It’s much easier to change and less damaging to your nails. Remember to always apply a clear base coat before nail polish! 😉

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