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Beauty routine

One of my favourite ways to spend a Saturday is to wake up without an alarm, make coffee, get back in bed, watch an episode of Private Practice / Revenge / Gossip Girl / Grey’s Anatomy, getting up, taking my time to get dressed and ready for the day and then spending the day with friends.This past Saturday I captured my getting-ready-routine with photos. It was such a beautiful day in Cape Town so I decided to wear a bright coloured summer dress and try out a new makeup idea I had.

my getting ready process hair makeup

Have you noticed? My iPhone’s camera gives me very pink cheeks 😉

Here is a short overview of my beauty routine on this particular day. I prefer to do my makeup before I do my hair, and I normally pin my fringe away from my face (photo top left corner) before I start doing my makeup. Not a pretty look but definitely functional 🙂 I LOVE Gosh’s eyebrow kit, it’s one of my must-have beauty products. While I was getting ready Tequila (my pet rabbit, not the drink…) was keeping me company. How cute is he?!

I tried out a new makeup technique to create a winged smokey eye with brown eyeshadow instead of liquid eyeliner. I’m no makeup expert and I’m definitely not saying that my makeup techniques are any good when it comes to applying makeup but hey, it works for me. I used three colours to create the winged smokey eye: Gold, bronze and dark brown. I started by applying the gold eyeshadow all over my eyelid, then I created the dark wing with the brown eyeshadow. I added some more gold eyeshadow to my eyelid, starting from the inner corner moving towards the middle of my eye. I then blended the gold and dark brown eyeshadow with a bronze eyeshadow and finished the look off with a little bit of black eyeliner, loads of mascara and lipgloss. Here are some more photos of the makeup.

how to apply makeup tips

I was quite happy with the final look – what do you think? I finished off my look by curling my hair. I wore a bright, burnt orange dress from New Feeling with a belt from YDE and bejewelled sandals from Accessorize.

summer dress summer fashion 2013

I normally don’t wear this much makeup but it’s fun to play around with new ideas once in a while. I recently bought a gorgeous deep green eyeshadow that I want to play around with too. If I come up with a nice look I’ll share the photos 🙂

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