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Shopping at Zara, Milan

Now that I’ve been to Zara in Milan and Verona, I’m beyond excited for the opening of Zara in Cape Town in a few weeks (July 2012 I think?)

Here are some of the photos I took at the Zara in Milan. I spent quite a bit of time in there, to the point where my Mom and sister sat on the stairs outside, waiting for me to ‘get Zara out of my system’.

Zara in Milan, Italy

The entrance, just this not just look like pure shopping bliss? Two whole floors of gorgeous clothes!!

Inside Zara in Milan, Italy

Can you see why I had to spend so much time there?

Shopping at Zara in Milan, Italy

Some of the shopping bags at the end of the trip.

PS: I’ve posted three blog posts today, can you tell we’ve spent a lot of time on trains? We’re on our last leg of today’s train ride from Bolzano to Venice, we’ll be there in less than 30 minutes so this is the last post for today 🙂

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