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Muse Hair and Beauty – new salon in Cape Town

Some of you may know that I only trust one person with my hair….Bianca. Ever since a terrible experience where I walked out of a well-known hair salon with almost no hair on my head (literally, the hair stylist cut it so short it might as well have been shaved) I have been very protective of my hair.

Bianca has been helping me grow out my hair and it’s currently cut in beautiful layers and a fringe – so easy to manage! The other reason why I will go to Bianca only, is because she is 1) the only hair stylist that I’ve ever been to that will look at your hair dry to see how it falls naturally, 2) will REALLY listen to what you ask her to do and – most importantly – 3) will be honest if she thinks what you have in mind will not work and make other suggestions.

Bianca and her business partner Kathryn recently started their own salon, Muse Hair and Beauty. Situated on the first floor in Lifestyles on Kloof in Cape Town, their salon is your one-stop beauty spot. You can have a mani or pedi done while colouring your hair and enjoying a lovely cup of coffee and conversation.

Muse officially opened in April and as you can see from the photos below, the salon is absolutely stunning.

muse hair and beauty salon cape town

muse hair and beauty salon cape town

muse hair and beauty salon cape town

They are very reasonably priced too – a ladies wash, cut and blow dry is only R290.00 for long hair and a full head of highlights for long hair is only R570.00. If you’re looking for a good hair stylist in Cape Town – contact Bianca or Kathryn and make an appointment, you won’t regret it. Visit their website on

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  1. Bianca Blaauw -

    Hi Carla!

    I’m so impressed with your blog, how awesome!
    You look amazing and I just want to say thank you for making me feel so special on your blog.
    Thanks for all the amazing clients you have sent me, it means a lot to me : )
    Good luck with STYLEDIARY and see you soon (that fringe must be getting long… lol)

    Love Bianca

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