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Valentine’s Day gift ideas

Valentine’s Day is around the corner and the pressure to spoil your girlfriend / fiane / wife with the perfect gift or a special surprise is on. To make your life easier, we’ve compiled a list with some gift ideas for this Valentine’s Day.

red roses from netflorist

Red roses are perhaps a bit of a cliche, but still gorgeous. Order them online from NetFlorist. Easy, right? If you don’t want to buy her roses, why not get her an orchid? Woolworths has some gorgeous white and purple ones.

red ostrich leather bag

If you want to score brownie points, get her this red gorgeous ostrich leather bag from

distressed leather bag

This distressed leather bag from is another Valentine’s Day winner

heart necklace from american swiss

If you feel like splurging, this diamond and silver heart necklace from American Swiss will make a very special gift. Diamonds really are a girl’s best friend! 😉

If you don’t have that much to spend on Valentine’s Day, why not show her that even though you can’t shower her with gifts, you really put thought into making the day special for her. Write a romantic note (hand written!) and hide it in her handbag, or get her a bunch of garden picked flowers. You can also prepare a special Valentine’s Day meal with candles, champagne and decadent dessert. Another idea is to surprise her with a picnic basket that you can enjoy together while watching the sunset.

Every girl likes to be spoiled but that does not mean that it has to be expensive. If you make the day special and unique she’ll love you even more. Happy (almost) Valentine’s Day!

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